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European Citizens‘ Rights: MEPs Have 5 year Plan To Implement Stockholm Programme

A five-year blueprint for laws to consolidate EU citizens‘ rights and improve their access to justice, protection and solidarity was debated by MEPs and their national counterparts on Thursday. A draft resolution, which should serve as a blueprint for freedom, security and justice legislation over the next five years, sets out priorities for work on […]

Stockholm Programme moves quickly towards adoption

The timetables for the Stockholm Programme have become a great deal clearer since the return of the Parliament following the summer break and the communication between the Swedish Presidency and relevant parliamentary committees. The Programme aims to set the priorities for a variety of justice issues (including criminal and civil law enforcement cooperation) for the […]

ECRE’s Recommendations for the Stockholm Programme

Time to show your cards – The need for a genuine commitment to establish a Common European Asylum System based on high standards of protection 1. Introduction With the publication of its Communication ‚An area of freedom, security and justice serving the citizen‘, the Commission has presented its views on the EU’s priorities in the […]

Caritas Europa and partner organisations address EU on „Stockholm Programme“

Caritas Europa and five Christian partner organisations (Christian Group) have sent  their recommendations on the “Stockholm Programme” to the Swedish Presidency of the EU, the European Commission and the European Council.

Human rights campaigners have high hopes for Swedish EU presidency

Sweden’s history of progressive positions within the European Union on human rights has campaigners optimistic about the upcoming Swedish presidency of the EU. Officials with Amnesty International, the human rights NGO, said in Brussels on Tuesday that while they are not in the business of ranking EU member states in terms of their commitments to […]

The CCBE on the ‚Stockholm Programme‘

2009 is a year of important institutional changes at European level, not least because the European Parliament was reconstituted after the European elections on 4-7 June. Later in the year, it will be the Commission’s turn to be renewed, and it can be expected that it will also reorganise its departments, with the new Parliament […]

‚EU Big Brother watching you more closely‘

The European Union’s wide-ranging Stockholm Programme risks further damaging citizens‘ hard earned privacy rights, argues Pirate Party member and long-time libertarian blogger Henrik Alexandersson. EU ministers are gathering in Stockholm this week to advance their work on the Stockholm Programme, a five-year plan they claim is designed to make it easier to catch criminals and […]

ECRE: Putting protection back at the heart of EU asylum policy – Memorandum to the Swedish Presidency

Sweden will take over the Presidency of the European Union (EU) at a pivotal time in the development of European refugee law and policy. We are now ten years on from the Council Meeting in Tampere in 1999, where Heads of State and Government set themselves the objective of developing a Common European Asylum System […]

Area of freedom, security and justice: EDPS calls for strong emphasis on fundamental rights in future Stockholm Programme

The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has adopted an opinion on the European Commission’s Communication of 10 June 2009 entitled “An area of freedom, security and justice serving the citizen”. The Communication is the Commission’s contribution to the discussions on the new EU programme for the next five years in the area of justice and […]