The European Commission is about to adopt its Action Plan on the Stockholm Progamme

1. European Commission: Action Plan on the Stockholm Programme:
Statewatch Analysis: A bit more freedom and justice and a lot more
by Tony Bunyan:

"The “harnessing of the digital tsunami” as advocated by the EU Future Group and the surveillance society, spelt out in Statewatch’s “The Shape of Things to Come” is embedded in the Commission’s Action Plan as it is in the Stockholm Programme….There is no mention of the European Security Research Programme (ESRP). Much of the technological development is being funded under the 1.4 billion euro security research programme. See: Statewatch/TNI report: Neoconopticon: EU security-industrial complex."

The Shape of Things to Come:
Neoconopticon: EU security-industrial complex:

2. Statewatch Briefing: European Commission: Action Plan on the
Stockholm Programme: Comments by Professor Steve Peers, University of

3. Full-text: Communication from the Commission: Delivering an area
of freedom, security and justice for Europe’s citizens Action Plan
Implementing the Stockholm Programme (COM 171/2010):

Today Statewatch also publishes two Analyses taking up issues raised
in the Action Plan:

4. The Action Plan includes proposals to track "troublemakers":
"The right to protest: Statewatch Analysis:Protests in the EU:
“Troublemakers” and “travelling violent offenders [undefined] to be
recorded on database and targete"d by Tony Bunyan:

"Since the onset of the EU’s response to the “war on
terrorism” the prime targets have been Muslim and migrant communities
together with refugees and asylum-seekers. Now there is an emerging
picture across the EU that demonstrations and the democratic right to
protest are among the next to be targeted to enforce “internal

5. Statewatch Briefing: EU proposals to increase the financial
transparency of charities and non-profit organisations by Ben Hayes:

" The Financial Action Task Force
(FATF) has strongly promoted the thesis that terrorist organisations use
laundered money for their activities, and that charities are a potential
conduit for terrorist organisations."

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